00. Who and what?


What is a life but a selection of fragments, meaningful only in context, and then no more than a narcissistic bleat?


Ideas are posts, categorised broadly and then tagged. Once an idea becomes something consistently worked on it gets its own page. Previous posts and new posts relating to that page get tagged with that page title.


Boswell, Andrew. Middle-aged. Norman descent; joint citizen Australia/New Zealand. Game designer; game player; husband; father; lover – practicing to be a fighter. Sometimes I write books that will never be published. Friendly; introverted; jealous; vengeful; patient. Shichiten Hakki is a Japanese proverb that translates roughly to, “Seven times falling down, eight times getting up.” It sums up my attitude to life. Not my attitude to work, necessarily, because I am at heart lazy. However, I do believe in perseverence. The quickest way to fail is to quit trying.

These entries are my brain dumps from my gaming adventures. For an update on my writing adventrues, look here: http://anboswell.wordpress.com/

Andrew Boswell. bozzie99@gmail.com

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