06. Slipstream

This is a story-telling game played by Greg and I in the early months of 2011. It ran for four sessions and described a full plot arc with distinct beginning, middle and end phases and concluded with unmistakable completeness.

We developed many specific tools (and rules, I guess) to play this game. The essence of the method was a GMless, shared narrative structure that flowed easily between us. Both Greg and I breathed life into ‘characters’ but at no time did we act as if this were a role-playing game where the objective was to develop the life history of these characters. We both contributed equally to the developing story, effectively acting as twin GMs in a game in which we simultaneously played.

Records of these games are spread through this blog. This page is a key referencing these records in chronological order.

1) Set up and tool development

2) Some unused background material

3) Episode 1

4) Episode 2

5) Review of the people and places visited so far

6) Half time questions

7) Episode 3

8 ) Episode 4, the finale


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