Thought: 20080114. Here’s a twist, what if this were not set in a Renaissance Europe equivalent world? What if this were set in a Chinese (Ming) equivalent world. And what if, further, I was to tie in my Judge Dee detective ideas? What if our protagonist is some kind of tortured investigator, on the trail of he-knows-not-what? He seeks the answers to great mysteries, and instead only solves mundane ones. What if he is a disgraced, sacked, or delusional cop who longer has the authority but still has the drive? What if he is a bushi or Ronin (to use Japaense terms)? What if, like the character in The Seven Samurai (sorry to keep mixing in the Japanese), he believes he is a member of the bushi class?

Caution: remember difference in social classes between China and Japan. Japan: bushi at top. China: soldiers at bottom.

He could be an ex-member of the military, retired or booted out, who believes he is a member of the Scholar class. This is a twist. Tie in with Groo, re-emphasising the swordplay, but bringing up the comedic possibilities of a thug who thinks he is a deep thinker.

Don Quixote
Dong Kuoti
Tung 董, Kuo 括, Tse (Xie) 谢

But Tung and Xia are both surnames, so we might render it: Tung-Xie Kuo, or Tung-Tse Kuo.

Or Tung Kuo Teh, where Kuo Teh are what fried dumplings are called (pot stickers in the US), also rendered as Guotie 鍋貼.

Tung Kuo Teh or Tung Guotie? 董鍋貼