ccpsv2.pdf New version of the rules modification of Commands & Colors (C&C) for my Pike & Shot (P&S)  campaign is available.

This version incorporates Standing Orders to allow you to launch a command that remains in force turn after turn. This allows you to develop multiple threats across a front, thus presenting real decision challenges in the game. This should solve the ‘single-stream’ problem in vanilla C&C, where the defender’s choices are really quite straight forward as an attack only comes from one zone at a time.

Also included is the toughening of Rout rules to lose an extra block for being forced back further than your normal move. This will result in faster destruction of a unit, and thus yeild a faster game result. Furthermore, it is said that armies of the day disolved from the back rather than the front (desertion rather than casualties) so the idea of poor morale destroying a unit is appropriate.

Both of these rules upgrades should result in faster game resolution. The strength of C&C is the short time required to play a full game. This tailored P&S version slows things down as it tries to capture more of a (miniatures) wargame feel.