We live in a bushfire risk zone. I look out the window at the shrivelling vegetation, always brown at this time of year in Victoria but even more so this year, and ask myself how long will it be before the firestorn reduces everything around here to ash.

This is no big deal, really. As long as the family survives we will be fine. The rest is just ‘stuff’. And the fire is due. They say that a reasonable bushfire rips through the Australian undergrowth somewhere between every seven and ten years. We are well overdue.

All this stuff is predominantly junk, of course. The accumulated flotsam of a modern middle class life. Who needs those towels that have holes in them but have been put back in the cupboard under the belief that they might come in handy one – perhaps to mopping something up. Harder to lose would be family archival information: wedding photos, fading silver emulsions of Grandparents long dead, treasured though valueless keepsakes from when we are courting. Planning ahead, we could have that stuff in a box abd ready to go at a moment’s notice. We’d be smart to move them offsite right now.

This leaves two remaining categories. The boys’ thousand and one toys, and mine. Asking Zach to choose between which fluffy toy to keep if we had to flee the house because a thousand degree 60 mile front of incineration was heading this way would be very like asking him to make a snap decision on which finger I did not want him to cut off. Aidan would probably be satisfied with his chewed and threadbare blanket, and some random object that he happened to see at that moment.

But me? I have an office full of a zillion books on a lot of topics. I have written notes stretching back decades. Notes on games I designed that went no further. Campaign and design notes for role-playing games – some that were played, some that were just ideas.

Starting now, I am going to use this site as a backup location for this junk. Some of it may be useful in the future, like that towel. Some of it may be junk, like a ripped and chewed Pokemon card. But at least I know it is backed up.