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Source: Castles & Crusades, 1st edition AD&D
Hit dice type: d10
Primary characteristic: Strength
Skill cluster, in brief: Physical combat, military tactics

Level progression benefits:

Level Skill cluster improvement Special (aka FEATS)
1 +1 You may choose to specialise in the use of one weapon. This weapon may not be changed for the rest of your career. When using this weapon you gain an extra +1 per level in both attack and damage
2 +2
3 +3
4 +4 You gain an extra attack when fighting opponents who have only one hit dice. You gain an extra attack of this type for every four additional levels gained. That is: at level eight you are allowed two extra attackes in the same round against opponents with only one hit dice. At twelve level, you have a total of four attacks against these enemies.
5 +5
6 +6
7 +7
8 +8
9 +9 You are legally entitled to construct or claim title to a Freehold: a castle, keep, or manor house, and establish your own domain. This may be part of a larger clan affiliation you have, or a bid to found a new clan from the ground up.
10 +10 You gain an extra attack per round against all oponents, regardless of their hit dice. This does not sum with the extra attacks gained at 4 and 8th level.
11 +11
12 +12