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Source: Castles & Crusades, 1st edition AD&D
Hit dice type: d6
Primary characteristic: Dexterity
Skill cluster, in brief: Stealth, althleticism, criminal activities, basic combat

Level progression benefits:

Level Skill cluster improvement Special (aka FEATS)
1 0 The following skills are known to a thief: pick pockets, open locks, find/remove traps, move silently, hide in shadows, hear noise, climb walls.

Back stabbing. If you can surprise an opponent you may attack with the +4 attack bonus. Damage caused is doubled for every four levels. 

You gain a +1 bonus when attempting to decipher (non-magical) foreign languages. This skill increase by one for every level.

2 +1
3 +2
4 +3
5 +4
6 +5
7 +6
8 +7
9 +8
10 +9
11 +10 You may attempt to decipher magical scripts and use scrolls. This is treated like any other language translation attempt, with the exception that if you fail to interpret it correctly there will be unexpected and possibly unpleasant consequences.
12 +11