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So this is what I’m thinking for More Escarmouche. Every figure/character is paired with a data card. Data cards are arranged in front of you, in the order that they will be subject to shooting attack. That is: the first guy in your row gets attacked by bullets first, then the next, and so on.

The board is squared, 8 x 8 like Poor Bloody Infantry and Guerra Floridas.

Range is in squares to target sqaure. All muskets can shoot out to five squares, but not everyone is a good shot, so the factors differ. Pistols can shoot to three.

To shoot, you add up the factors for the characters at that range, then derive an average attack value. This attack value is applied to the characters in the target square up to the number of figures shooting. That is: if you have five figures shooting at five figures then each target gets hit once. If you have three figures shooting at five figures then the first three figures get shot at. If you have five figures shooting at three figures then the first two figures get shot at twice and the last figure is only shot at once.

So anyway, one at a time, you shoot at each figure. You take the attack value and roll two FUDGE dice, adding or subtracting factors till you get a final number. This number is then compared to the target character’s own damage capacity indicator along the bottom, and the effect applied. Heroes will be harder to kill and wound, of course. Ordinary men will be more likely to run. The scale is at this draft stage seven places long and with four possible outcomes (no result, run, wound, killed) so there is very reasonable scope for personalisation. When wounded, a card is truned over to show a different capacity indicator.

Hand to hand fighting is very similar to Guerra Floridas. Movement into an occupied square constitutes the initiation of melee. Figures are paired up into scraps. Scraps are resolved one at a time, but simultaneously for the two sides. Two FUDGE dice results are added to the range (0) comabt factor. Both sides are impacted straight away – so both figures fighting could kill each other, in other words.

These are my thoughts so far.