These are the current thoughts on figure scale for the Revolutionary set of rules.

Option one has a maneouvre element of the platoon. Two of these plus a captain makes a company. Variable number of companies makes a battalion. This option allows us to articulate two maneouvre elements in coordinated movements because the two platoons want to stay together.

However, it may be simpler just to make a company, plus a captain.

All of these are individually based. Nominally the model to man scale is 1:20, but this only works at this bottom layer. We will alter the number of companies that makes up a battlion.

For example, we may say that the Austrian battalion has large companies but few of them, whereas the French have small companies and many of them. This gives the former strength and unity at the expense of responsiveness, and the latter high maneouvreability but each element is more fragile.

Maybe. These are just early thoughts. The important thing to keep in mind is to find the mechanism that supports the expected combat model, not to shoehorn the model into a preferred mechanism.