Revolutionary France


French Republic


United Irishmen


Polish Legions

Great Britain

Denmark – Norway


French client republics of Italy

Republic of Boulon (1794 – 1795)

French Royalist

Republic of Alba (1796 – 1801), annexed to the French Empire


Ligurian Republic (1796 – 1805), annexed to the French Empire


Bolognese Republic (1796), annexed to the Cispadane Republic


Cispadane Republic (1796 – 1797), formed the Cisalpine Republic

Naples and Sicily

Transpadane Republic (1797), formed the Cisalpine Republic

Ottoman Empire

Republic of Bergamo (1797), formed the Cisalpine Republic

Dutch Republic

Republic of Bergamo (1797), formed the Cisalpine Republic


Cisalpine Republic (1797 – 1802) transformed into the Italian Republic


Republic of Brescia (1797)


Republic of Crema (1797)


Republic of Ancona (1797 – 1798), joined Roman Republic


Roman Republic (1798 – 1800)


Tiberina Republic (1798 – 1799) capital Perugia, joined Roman Republic


Lémanique Republic (1798), today Vaud canton


Etruscan Republic (1799)


Republic of Pescara (1799)


Parthenopaean Republic (1799) capital Naples


Republic of Rauracia (Raurakische Republik/Republique Rauracienne), revolutionary French republic in Basel (1792 – 1793)


Republic of Mainz revolutionary French republic in Rheinhessen and Pfalz (1793)


Batavian Republic (1795 – 1806), Netherlands


Cisrhenian Republic (1797), Germany


Republic of Connaught (1798), accompanying Humbert‘s Irish expedition


Helvetic Republic (1798 – 1803), Switzerland


Here is a list of the nations, factions and republics (newly created) that took part in the French Revolutionary wars. The lists just go to Wikipedia at this stage.