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Traveller 2300, or 2300AD as it was or is now called, was always my favourite incarnation of science fiction role-playing. It had a nice mix of hard science and plain science-fiction wishful-thinking, in an accessibly imaginable future. Not too far away, but far enough so that it cannot be proved wrong within our lifetimes.

My last attempt to role-play anything died in the arse pretty dramatically. A science fiction campaign designed from first principles that was doomed from the outset, and then an attempt to transfer to Fading Suns. This had merit but was stillborn.

But enough whinging. Instead, let me refocus. My science fiction role-playing now returns to my core interest: 2300AD. Just as my fantasy role-playing has returned to that core interest: 1st edition AD&D (or simplified D&D), Oriental Adventures. I will collect information for these settings and place them on their own pages. Not that I ever anticipate that they will ever get a gallop, but just because I want to.

For example: here is a link to a site that describes the force structure for the Foreign Legion in the 2300AD setting. http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~dheb/2300/Europe/France/LE/PLE.htm

Information such as this may come in useful for building sufficient miniatures armies to play games. Were I to make a science fiction force and base it on any setting, it would be this one.