I have now made the distinction between ‘official’ development and ‘private’ development and have made some changes accordingly.

Official development is the work that I am doing in partnership with my friends at Anubis Studios to fulfill either a stated need, or at least an articulated interest, from NIc at Eureka. At this time this includes: Terrible Passage (rules for 28mm company level actions in the French Revolution), and Jurassic Reich (rules for role-playing, and rules for 28mm squad level actions in the science-fantasy inter-war period. AKA pulp adventure.)

Private development is the games and other writing exercisees that I am doing for me and me alone – probably because no one else finds them interesting.

Entries for Terrible Passage and Jurassic Reich have been copied ino the Anubis site, and their pages deleted from here. Any furtehr thoughts on those topics will go one the Anubis site.