I have been driven. Driven, I say, to formulate settings in which i can play my wargames. Campaign settings might be a better word, but only if I ever play more than one game.

This first one is a science fiction world, inspired by Star Trek (specifically the Borg), Terminator and the Matrix. See my earlier post for my views on these films. This setting massages out the faults I perceive in them, and builds up a roughly plausible – or at least consistent – world view. I call it Beyond the Singularity. It proposes an Earth in the not too distant future where artificial intelligence and transhumanism have created a new species benevolently antagonistic to biological humanity.

I intend to use the swell AT-43 figures now available. In fact it was these figures – so reminiscent of Terminator in the first place – that got me thinking. StarGrunt II is the set of rules that I will use to develop force composition. Actual modeifications specific to the setting will come soon.

The background matterial to the setting is in the StarGrunt II page.