Zero G activity.
Open space – spacewalk.
Leaking atmosphere – threat of suffocation.
Cracked window – explosive decompression.
Silence of space.
Beguilons look like small kitchen dustbins when they are inactive.
Lower gravity – leaping on the moon.
Meteor hurtling sliently past.
Crew in hibernation.
Crew is many thousands of colonists.
Overgrown hydroponics area – jungle.
Creatures in the jungle that have become totally wild – prematurely rejuvenated.
Arrival at ship in hydroponics jungle – misunderstanding of where they are really located – discovery of mistake by finding a window and seeing open space.
Captured by ‘primitives’ in the jungle.
How can ship be ‘late’ if ship was on pre-programmed course? Can only be late if course was altered. Why would the course be altered? Efficiency: take a curving route conserves fuel and allows galactic arm to move into position without the ship burning a lot of fuel to get to target system.
Robotic ‘cute’ friends? Mythical animal helper?
Part of the crew awakened already? More than one generation? Confused about mission? Jungle ‘primitives’.
Danger to the ship? Heading towards sun/black hole/war zone/comet.
Beguilons crave fuel/effort/energy efficiency. Exploration of efficient vs effective.
What is the correct conclusion? That ship reaches destination, but it cannot go back in time so even if it arrives it is still thousands of years late. Could be that it is routed to the nearest suitable solar system which is far away from destination. This gives happy ending for colonists but totally ruins history as it was intended.
Are the Beguilons on a BEPC mission? Probably not. They are out of control. So what was the orignial BEPC mission?
What if mission profile comes from BEPC and not DTJ hierarchy? What if entire mission is a set up by BEPC to get the DTJ to do something against their department objectives, and L&J manage to ruin even that: inadvertantly thwarting the BEPC scheme.
Captain can be spoken to though he is in hibernation. This is like interupting his dreams.
Captain says, ‘We are on a first name basis on this ship. My first name is Captain.’
What if ship is stormed by BEPC shock troops whose job is to clean out the Beguilons? led by Mysst?