Names in fantasy and science fiction books and games often make me either chuckle or wince. Many of them are just plain silly. Most of them are derivative and predictable – childish, even. Stupid hyphens and apostrophes all over the place.  But what is one to do?

As always. Truth is stranger than fiction.

I was watching the France v Australia Rugby Union match the other night and the endless variety and music in real names impressed me. So this morning I wiki’d many Rugby Union teams, captured the names, ran them through a few transforms in excel to strip out the noise (first names and teams), sorted them, removed duplicates and came up with this list.

This list is the result. a-table-of-surnames Present are North European, Latin, Pacific Island and Japanese names. Sadly lacking are Chinese and Middle Eastern names, but this should not be a surprise given the source material. Apart from the glaringly obvious names, this list confirms my belief that real words, real names, are more variable and wonderful than tongue-torturing made up words.

This list now forms one of the basis for naming objects in my games and books.