This Mythic business is quite consuming for me. The world that Simon and I created is quite rich and engaging, but still so largely unformed. Perhaps that is the attraction. Simon wishes to play on, but I really had not spent any time thinking about the character I’m playing. Technically I don’t need to: that’s the beauty of Mythic.

But where in the original adventure I was just the tourist caught up in something interesting, if we are to go on I need to find some kind of motivation. Simon is just happy to roll. But I need to think a bit more about the subject.

I used the online fortune telling tolls – link below – to get some inspiration. I cast an I-ching hexagram. The question was the title of this post. I hasten to add here that I am not looking to these random computer programs to do any real future-seeing. For a start this is a virtual world, and secondly I don’t think fortune-telling holds water in the real world. Instead, what I was looking for was some random seeding of words and ideas that I could use to grow a better understanding of the character. Yes, I could have just plucked it out of my arse, but I have the nagging feeling that if I just follow the path that I think up I may be tredding well-known paths. I may be unknowingly following railroad tracks in my mind. What I want is for my imagination to be stimulated to explain, not just to wallow in the same old wishes. This is where Mythic is great with other people, of course, because you are exposed to their raw thinking in a way that other RPGs do not provide. So anyway, I used the I-ching to give me some random words, and from them I will see if this gives me some clues.

This is the Hexagram that came up:

This welcome hexagram symbolizes a lasting elevation in status or well-being.  A raise or promotion is very likely to occur at this time. Endeavors will turn out successfully, fires will be put out and chaos will turn to calmness. However, this is not a time to slack off from responsibility. Take actions deliberately. Place one foot in front of the other with solidity and purpose. Stay focused and conscious. Be like the tree trunk that grows strong and steady towards the sky.

The changes to line 3 indicate:  “Rising Toward the Empty City”- The image of an empty city means you are starting from scratch. This is a time to break new ground. Assemble your team and success will be yours.

The changes to line 4 indicate:  “Charging Upward”- This line is a reminder of the important job you have ahead of you. If you step forward with the proper preparations, you will find fame and reward.

The changes to line 5 indicate:  “Staying Humble”- Don’t let success go to your head. There is great value in all that you do, but make sure you don’t become arrogant. In work, raising your fee or asking for a raise would be wise, but don’t let this diminish the quality of your work.