This is the report from the latest Mythic game played. Greg and I tried a classic Call of Cthulhu adventure style game, set in the 20’s, just to see if the system could handle it.

It was a cold night on the shores of Lake Michigan. Greg and I had been specifically told to keep away from the freighter that our snitches had told us was where the daughter of our boss, the notorious gang don Visconte O’Toole, was being held captive by kidnappers. But Greg loved Piper and so he and I, his friend and fellow thug, decided to take matters into our own hands.

The kidnappers had demanded a ancient Meso-American bird mask or they would kill the girl. Visconte was a known collector of antiquities, investing in these useless toys with the thousands he made from our illegal business activities.

The docks were completely deserted: unnaturally so. The chill air was muted. Not even the sound of traffic filtered though. The ship itself had lights ablaze, but no sign of life. On the fore-deck a searchlight lanced straight into the sky. The beam seemed to go forever.

Quickly searching the ship we found no one except another pair of bruisers from our gang. Jaws and Lefty had been sent by the boss. After nearly shooting each other in surprise we continued the search, but found no one. A telephone rang on the bridge. Creepy whispering on the other end demanded the mask.

Without leads and unsure what to do next, we made for our gang HQ. (Altered scene) The joint had been turned over. Even the boss’s safe (emphatically thoroughly searched) had been opened and his prize possession, a ‘thousand year old bird nest’, in reality a deep porcelain bowl, was gone.

Clues in the office (turn at random to a page in a handy encyclopedia) led us to believe that the boss and his daughter may have been taken to an Aztec archaeological site in Mexico.

We took a train south west and then a boat down the Mississippi to New Orleans where we planned to hook up with ‘business’ partners who could arrange our passage tot Mexico.

However, before we could make contact we were bushwhacked and robbed (interupted scene) – a terrible insult to men of our profession, and a deeply suspicious one too. When we finally did meet our associates we found that they would not bend over backwards to help us. In fact, it was a quid pro quo situation. They requires a certain person to have an unfortunate accident. As out-of-towners we are untraceable. For this service they would find us a way to Mexico.

Since this kind of dirty work is meat and drink to us we stalked the public figure (characteristics found in the Une NPC generator) and gunned him down. However, he was not alone (there emphatically are witnesses), and we find to our surprise that his companion is none other than Jaws: one of our own.

Our confusion is short lived as Jaws opened fire on us. After a brisk firefight that left Greg winged we killed our former friend and limped to the boat. As the boat chugged south across the Gulf of Mexico, Dr Yorubas (someone who owed our association a favour) tended to Greg’s wounds.

All seemed well until one of the deckhands attempted to smother Greg in the night (interupted sene). In desperation, Greg found his .45 and plugged the guy in the liver. As the assailant fell back we saw a tattoo of a phoenix on his chest. Before we had a chance to get much out of him, he died, but that’s not the worst of it (time for something dreepy: we used the horror words list to get Skinless one). His skin peeled back and away from the bullet hole until his muscles are left bloody and exposed. With his undead breath he declared that we will never stop the Brotherhood of the Phoenix. “Your master will never learn to use the mask.” He didn’t say much after the next eight or ten rounds we pump into him.

After an arduous few days travel we arrived at the ancient city. Torches were lit throughout the decaying stonework and a huge bonfire was alight at the top of the main pyramid.

As we made our way forward we were intercepted by two guards (interupted scene). But they were young and inexperienced and our street-brawling skill allowed us to overpower them. Under questioning they tell us that a cleansing fire will soon come to Earth and burn all the unbelievers. We roughed them up and kicked them down the hill.

Closer to the pyramid we could see those at the top. But it wasn’t a stranger who was officiating. It was not Visconte O’Toole as we had come to expect. It was Piper O’Toole, bare breasted, wearing the mask stolen and holding the porcelain bowl stolen from her father’s safe (we found this out after a series of perplexing ‘no’ answers). And it looked as if she was preparing to sacrifice him!

As we prepared to storm to the top of the pyramid we are stopped by members of the New Orleans gang (interupted scene). They had been following us all along. They thought they we were with Piper in her attempt to summon Cthugha – which they knew all about.

Temporarily united, we go one way and they go the other in order to stop the summoning.
As we arrived at he top our temporary allies attacked from the other side. The distraction is enough to get the 5 priests assisting Piper to look that way. This is good enough and, without a second thought, we machinegun the lot.

However, as we rush to the aid of the restrained Visconte we discover that he is raving and incapable of helping us or himself (altered scene). Worse than this both Piper and the 5 priests rise from the dead, shedding their skin and continue with the summoning chants.

Recognising that it is probably his responsibility, Greg rushes at Piper. But before he can do anything she turns and, in a sickening swift movement, deftly removes her head that has become inseparable from the mask (Greg emphatically does not stop her, and it was time for something creepy to happen). She places the head/mask/egg into the porcelain ‘nest’.

Shrieking in madness (failed SAN check), Greg fled from the sight, but I tackled him and beat him back into reality. The light from the bonfire became a beacon, just like the searchlight at the start of the story. And in that beam we saw (730) Fire Vampires descending.

It really did seem like it was the end, but them Piper started to levitate up into the beam, to be greeted by the Vampires. Steeling himself to the awful thought of the thing, Greg grabbed the egg in the nest and hurled it into the bonfire, short-circuiting the summoning spell. (By now all the threads had come together, and all we had to do was neatly tie them in a bow and wrap up the story.)

The beam was cut off. The fire was instantly cold, and we found ourselves shivering on the top of the pyramid surrounded by skinless corpses.

The end.

PS. The boss has a permanent obsession with fire. Greg has sworn off women.