This is the start of a solo Mythic story development exercise. It is set in a Gamma World (science fantasy) setting.

Solo Mythic generation exercise.
* B. Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
* U. Une universal NPC generator
* E. Mythic random event table
* C. Mythic chaos factor table.
* G. Gamma World 1st edition.

Story generation 20080913

Gamma World. The Quiet Barrier.

It is morning in the mountains. I am at the beginning portion of a high pass through sheer mountains. I have slept the night at the beginning of this flat section after many days hard climb. Behind me, the valley widens and bends down to low forest and pasture land and then stretches away to the dimly seen smear of the sea. Ahead, the pass is lost in dense morning mist. To either side, the mountains rear up, their peaks now in brilliant sunlight. Their sides are grey scarred with skree slopes where they are visible, and clothed in Mountain Ash forest everwhere else, reaching up to snowy peaks. Somewhere nearby I can hear water running as countless riverlets cascade down the hillsides and are collected in streams unseen.

Who am I? U: 83, Liberal; 98, Begger. So I am poor, or at least without wordly goods. I am broad minded. A begger implies that I have no particular skills other than sponging off other people.

Is my begger ‘profession’ a front for something else? C, 50/50: 36, yes it is.

What? U: 01, Gypsy. A Gypsy is a racial and cultural identifier. I have a wandering lifestyle and I choose to keep my being a ‘Gypsy’ a secret. There must be some kind of prejudice against my people if being considered a begger is preferable to being a Gypsy. I can tell fortunes. I can sing and dance. I am good in a brawl with hand weapons. I’m a swarthy lover. I’m a dangerous murderer. I’m on the road because there is no place for me in civilsation. Sooner or later I have a fight or an affair with the wrong person.

More, Gypsy is the contemporary slang for a mutant. “I’m not a Gypsy!” people scream as the masked Protectors of Racial Purity drag them off to the makeshift gallows.

So I am mutant, constantly on the move to avoid the discovery of my secret shame, because the world is full of small minded people filled with fear. My powers must be mental, or at least not obvious if they are physical, otherwise in a world like this I would have been killed straight away.

What is my motivation for making this journey? C: 26, Procrastinate; 00, Information. I’m a courier, or at least a possessor of important knowledge or intelligence, and I am reluctant to pass it on.

Give me a big picture insight into this. B: 569; The Lusiad. The Portuguese national epic, written by Camoens and published in 1572. It describes Vasco da Gama and his voyages to the East with many mythological interuptions. It contains many stories of attacks by foreign kings and of discovery of different rich civilisations. The classical gods are introduced.

So I am reluctant to give information about this voyage. Because it would not be believed. But I am a survivor of that voyage. Or am I? It is, after all, a legend. Perhaps I am just a story teller who knows in his heart that it is true. Or I believe it so fervently that it has become almost spiritual. I am compelled to search for these fabled lands. Because the lands of that voyage showed greater civilisations populated by mutants, like me. And if people ask me about what I am doing I procrastinate and make up a dodge rather than tell them the truth because then they would know I am a Gypsy and put me to death. but my cover stories cannot be supported for long so I need to flee anyway. Truly, to be driven like this is a curse!