eliz_yinyarrIt has been a long march to find a set of skirmish rules suitable for all our 28mm gaming. Greg, Simon and I have overlapping but not precisely corresponding interests. Our old-school approach is to attempt to remain in theme and invite each other to play in that theme. This is fine, up to a point, but can leave one of the players a little in the dark when they do not know the historical period, or genre, as a well as the host.
On top of this is Greg’s eternal quest to design the perfect rules. As a consequence we have not had a stable set.
Then we discovered Song of Blades and Heroes (SBH) and, notwithstanding that I recognise some of the elements from And One For All (A1FA), it seems a perfectly serviceable set of rules – more so that Star Wars Collectable Miniatures (SWCM) – and so I have embraced them. The addition of Mutants and Deathray Guns (MDRG), which so eerily covers everything I might want form Gamma World, has cemented the decision.
So now I am going to run a skirmish wargame campaign with no historical basis. It utilises some of the themes Greg and I have discussed before such as Cast of Thousands. Basically, using the campaign rules in MDRG, we can front up with any force whatsoever. Then we fight a battle based on some randomised scenario generation method. Plot our successes and failures on a ‘ladder’, and progress our forces appropriately.
I call the campaign Pirate, Ninja, Zombie, Cowboy (PNZC) because any figures can be used: all shoehorned into the same game by SBH and MDRG.
More to come as it occurs.