This is the first force supplement for PNZC, describing the Apes and their human opponents in a Planet of the Apes fantasy world. 

Planet of the Apes was one of the early movies that has stuck in my mind, like perhaps many of my generation. I still enjoy it – the Charlton Heston version – even though it is slow by today’s standards. I tried to introduce my sons to it. They watched in polite silence but the lack of car chases and fast paced slaughter probably reduced the thrill factor for this modern audience.

The new version is OK too. But I probably only say that because I am a fanboy and I’d swallow anything of that name.

None the less, this supplement for Song of Blades and Heroes lists what I see to be a fair balance between the forces that could be involved. Apes, their human cattle, and the square-jawed astronauts that rail against them are the first articulated forces for my skirmish wargame campaign.

If this floats your boat then I hope you enjoy this supplement. More coming.

For a pdf download of the lastest version of the rules, click here: Song of Apes and Astronauts.pdf