mythic-qrg2Greg and I are the main players in our group of role-players, wargamers and board gamers. Others come and go on an irregular basis. Most of our recent experience has been with Mythic, which we both/all see as a way to experience all those genres that we have never had the chance to dabble in before, and given us the chance to GM and play at the same time. Power is an issue for us.

I work in Process Improvement, Metrics and Communication. What I see at work applies to games equally well. When you have a complicated and detailed system you look for short cuts, but you generally are true to the principles of the thing. When you have a more liberal system it is tempting to think that there are no rules at all. The baby gets thrown out with the bath water.

Mythic is a very liberal system, but it is not without structure. The structure is not optional: it is crucial to making the exercise work at all. Like Agile software development methodology, Mythic requires MORE management, not less.

To that end Greg and I have formulated our Mythic Quick Reference Guide (QRG).