chushingura_smallIt was a cold and rainy night on the Boulevard St Germaine and we huddled in the shadows of the cliff top inn nursing our wine and looking out for our contact. He was supposed to be wearing a red bandanna and would know the passwords when challenged. All we had to do was give him the message from our employer, King Peugeot XXIII, and the job was done. So when a beautiful woman arrived instead, dressed in the correct fashion and making the right signs, we were thrown into confusion.

Her only explanation was that the original courier had been captured. She knew the countersigns but something did not feel right, so Simon De Bergerac gave her one of his love letters instead of the real message and we followed her in to the darkness.

This was how our latest Mythic adventure began and Greg, Simon, Guiseppe and I were pitched into confusion from that moment on. Rather than give a blow by blow account of the action I’ll mention only a couple of specific events.
After the assassination of the actress who had played the contact we were led back to the inn by a Reputable Magistrate and his Meek Mercenary body guard. The Magistrate was one of the empire’s great roving one-man courts with the power to judge and execute without consultation, though we did not know him specifically. The mercenary was so unassuming, so casual that we became suspicious and placed his face behind some of the great names of the empire. He was one of the very best swordsmen in the land. Suddenly we suspected a trap.

Greg broke the seal on the message we carried and in the sound of the crack we knew we had sealed our death warrant. We had opened a message not meant for us. Whatever else we had done would not matter.

Instantly Simon and I drew our swords for pre-emptive blows (we were in a Samuari mood), but the body guard was swifter. He deftly sidestepped and hacked open my face, then wound up again and disarmed both Simon and Guiseppe.

It was a perfect Samurai duel. Had we been thinking clearly about the needs of the story instead of the ‘need’ to keep the characters alive we would have all died then and there. The man was too good. Instead we played on.

Later, the scroll was read aloud. Guiseppe opted to GM the contents, and declared that it indicated himself as the architect of an anti-royalist plot. Our confusion was complete, and as we were hauled off to the gallows we tried to make sense of what role we could be playing in this plot and counter plot between king and church.

It was a good demonstration of a spy story.

As usual we used Une NPC generator, and Brewers to generate ‘big pictures’.