eadsspacejet-bGenre: Ornithopter, far future, science fantasy.

Scene: After nearly 16 hours the journey was nearing its end. A 15 second burn pushed the slaceplane out of orbit and the punishing re-entry experience began. The planet below rotated out of sight and the first buffets of hypersonic wind jostled your kidneys.

You stuffed the briefing papers back in their manilla envelope and pushed it into your case. It seemed a normal enough investigation: the mayor of a moderately sized town had been murdered.

The planet was administered (owned and controlled) by one of the significant family/corporations. Exploitation of the population and the environment did not seem out of the ordinary, and the presence of an active revolutionary group did not arouse too much attention as the local authorities seemed to have the limited terrorist activity under control.

But the fact remains that investigators such as yourself had been imported at great expense from a different planet. Therefore there was far more to this case then met the eye.

The objective:  (from the ornithopter-randoms King of Diamonds – The Lokan Conspiracy) Solve the murder of the mayor and uncover the dark secret of this up till now unregarded society.