Alien Safari was a role playing game that Greg and I were working on some time ago. Little work has been directly done on it, primarily because our focus has been on Mythic games in several other genres.

One of the main ideas I wanted to develop was a description of the ‘character’ as a simple mix and match of alien characteristics. I did not want a pick list of skills, in other words: I wanted a collection of cliched body types that conveyed all the information the player might need. After all, the characters were expendable. All that was neeeded was a few hooks to hang behaviour from. Insiration for this came from the Eon classic, Quirks.

This idea was brought to fruition from another source. In developing the Orbis story lines with Tony I reused the idea of infinitley variable alien forms. This was for a children’s book series so the aim was to provide humour and lots of interesting material for Tony to draw. The following table shows this mix and match body type character generator. I have also completely randomised it in a spreadsheet, but have not worked it out for dice.

Alien safari characteristics

Using this generator with whatever randomisation or selection method you like, you can create creatures such as the Toadunnock, which has the head of an amphibian such as a frog, legs which allow fast running – perhaps like a horse, and a tail that can shock. Or perhaps a Swalootind which has an unhingeable jaw to allow it to swallow things bigger than its own head, legs just like a human and a prehensile monkey tail.