This is some general information about the Mythic Ravenloft story. This idea structure was copied from an posting in the Mythic forum. The results next to each category were randomly found using the Mythic random events chart.

durer_Four%20Horsemen%20of%20the%20ApocalypseGeneral theme: Adjourn – a Path. The characters are diverted from their path in time/space to this pocket universe, the demi-plane of dread. they will remain here until the curse is lifted, after which they will return to their own place. The story will end at that time. Adjournment over.

Starting region: Carelessness – a Plot. The characters have a scheme to penetrate enemy territory to skirmish and forage. However they have not made careful plans about where they are going. Ultimately they are negligent and would just as casually pillage their allies as enemies. It is this moral lapse that has caused them to be transported to the demi-plane of dread.

World negative: Neglect – Food. They are starving and desperate for food and drink. The area is a wasteland, “They make a desert, and call it peace”. Famine is everywhere. This drives them to desperate acts.

World postive: Deceive – Enemies. The despicable Protestants are stupid, the characters reason, and can be deceived. Merceneries fight for both sides. The characters have the scarves and passwords of the Spanish army, but are confident that they can pass themselves of as, say, French merceneries. More, they are confident that the enemies of Spain and the church can be deceived and defeated across the board. They have the arrogance that soldiers of every empire tend to have.

Campaign world thread: Assist – Good. The characters are nominally Lawful Good because they are Spanish and Roman Catholic and are fighting for the preservation of the Spanish Empire and for the recovery of the prestige of the one true church. However, the reality is that they are dirty, venal murderers who have little real concern for these weighty issues. They wear them like badges rather than feel them in their hearts. This campaign concerns the redemption of these souls through confrontation with genuine evil that forces them to ‘come good’.