Bran-Castle-Dracula15Who are these people? They are Spanish arkebusiers, medium cavalry stationed in Flanders during the 80 years war. They are currently detatched in winter quarters and are only interested in feeding themselves and recuperating before the weather improves and the campaigning season starts.

Who is the leader? (one in four chance for the main characters) Ernat the thief.

Who is Ernat Marulanda Gasco?

Thief 7; STR 7, DEX 17, CON 9, INT 13, WIS 11, CHA 15; HP 36

(Une characteristics) Established Tradesman [what trade? Don’t know yet].

(Une motivations) Colaborate Vigilance [Ernat is a tactical genius, organising the other members of the party for their mutual defence. This is one of the reasons he is the leader]; Advocate Harmony [he is the peacemaker between the members of his foraging party. He can smooth over their differences. This is the other reason he is the leader]; Suppress the World [he is cynical about politics and morals. His actions are based on his own perceived need, or that of his party, rather than some abstract external force such as justice, national security, or religious conformity].

Who is Jurisco Suarez Cornejo?

Cleric 7; STR 15, DEX 11, CON 9, INT 7, WIS 17, CHA 13; HP 49.

(Une characteristics) Dependable Scrapper [Jurisco likes a fight and is not afraid of getting in one].

(Une motivations) Compose Pleasure [he writes music and/or composes poetry]; Defile Allies [he levies kontributions from friends and enemies alike. He cannot tell the difference between enemy combatants and civilians]; Seek Hate [he sees the war he is in as a just war of good against evil. He hates the Calvinists as devils on Earth].

Who is Dide Rucina Covalan?

Magic User 7; STR 11, DEX 9, CON 15, INT 17, WIS 13, CHA 7; HP 21.

(Une characteristics) Defiant Politician [Dide likes the sound of his own voice. He also likes to take a contrary view. Despite his high INT and good WIS he has a low CHA is this is reflective of this generally annoying behaviour].

(Une motivations) Communicate Gluttony [he is greedy, valuing foodstuffs above other goods. He torments the other party members by describing sumptuous dishes and recipes, especially when they are hungry]; Interact Industry [he is industrious for the party good. He does not shrink from helping out in any task for the party welfare. Despite his faults he is no slacker]; Refine Intelligence [he’s a smart man, it cannot be denied. He knows a lot of stuff about a lot of things. If anyone wants to know something, Dide is who they will ask].

Who is Albergio Restrepo Mendiluce?

Fighter 7; STR 17, DEX 13, CON 15, INT 7, WIS 9, CHA 11; HP 58.

(Une characteristics) Careful Shopkeeper [Albergio is the party quartermaster. He keeps a careful watch on their provisions].

(Une motivations) Assist Criminals [Albergio goes along with the party. Let’s face it: the party are foraging soldiers during some of the worst wars in history. They are bad, and Albergio just joins in]; Promote Advice [he is a supporter. If someone in the party suggests something that he likes he goes to the trouble to agree with them. He is prepared to pick a side]; Agonise Dreams [What dreams? Don’t know yet – this is a good open thread ].

Who is Eduare Amor Magallanes?

Fighter 5; STR 17, DEX 13, CON 15, INT 7, WIS 9, CHA 11; HP 42.

(Une characteristics) Nefarious Clairvoyant [Eduare claims to have holy visions but he is a liar. He makes up stuff to get what he wants].

(Une motivations) Associate Discrimination [he sticks to the ‘birds of a feather flock together’ principle. He is in a Calvinist land (Flanders). Therefore all the people there are Calvinists (heretics)]; Encourage Stories [he likes a good story, either told by himself or someone else]; Promote Atrocities [this speaks for itself].

Who is Gari Cuervo Iguaren?

Fighter 4; STR 17, DEX 13, CON 15, INT 7, WIS 9, CHA 11; HP 34.

(Une characteristics) Dependable Labourer [Gari will do what he is told. He is not afraid of hard work].

(Une motivations) Agonize Nature [he is troubled by the religious war raging around him. While not smart enough to understand the arguments, he does undersatnd the principles and what is at stake: the immortal soul of man]; Inform Opulence [he always has his eye out for lootable things and he tells the rest of the party about them] ; Advise Narcissism [he is a toady, reminding the others how clever, handsome, rich or witty they are].

There’s the party. As random as I could make it, justified into a logical framework. I don’t think I like any of them as humans, but they do seem real. They fit the genre. They should generate interesting stories.