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Another thing that has just occured to me is the unlikely nature of the Strahd zombies. It seems unlikely that these are the very same zombified palace guards from ‘centuries ago’. They would have been destroyed or fallen apart by now.  Skeletons, maybe.

Yet they are there.

I say that the zombies come from one or both of the following sources.

1) the desicated corpses left by Strahd’s feeding

2) since Europe is a carnal house the gypsys are bringing the bodies of fallen soldiers from the battlefields for reanimation.

No. Wait. Hang on. The source material says that Strahd reanimated the zombies ages ago using dark magic that even he has now forgotten. What’s the story with that? If he is a dedicated magic user how is it possible that he could have lost interest in and have forgotten how to do something inherently as useful as animate corpses?

That’s fishy. That’s a thread: how and why did Strahd ‘forget’ this magic.

Moreover, it means that there is a limited number of these things. How many? Calculate.