The last few weeks have gone quickly with events piling up on each other like an avalanche. After ten years of trying, a novel has been accepted. This is great, but I now realise I’ve just got to step 1. So I have had no time to continue to tell myself a story of Ravenloft. I will get back to it soon, just as soon as I finish the polishing edit on The Vanilla Assassin.

In other news, I found, quite by accident, the Japanese anime series Armored Trooper Votoms. I have started to build forces for it in 10mm/1:144, and intend to use the Heavy Gear rules to handle the tabletop battles. Also in that range are the Core Silhouette rules for role-playing, and these have an elegant simplicity about them. Not that I have a need for any more RPG rules.

Here are a couple of shots of recently painted Votoms (vertical one man tank for offensive maneouvres) miniatures – in this case GZG figures. These were supplied by Eureka Miniatures. They are supposed to be 25mm power armour troops, but they suit 10mm Votoms just fine – especially with the addition of a correctly scaled figure on the same stand to really spell it out.

The paint job was the simplest possible. I gave them a base colour – green and brown respectively, then dipped them in Wattyl walnut Stain and varnish. Then I shook them off a bit. When dry I picked out a couple of details. That’s it! Finding a matt varnish that does over the spirit based varnish is proving tricky. For these figures, being metallic, it looks OK on the gaming table. For flesh and material it will become a more urgent search.