After experimentation with the dipping technique, a method of speed painting that requires only bright block under colours and then a dip in one of the commercial stain and varnish preparations, I am sold. You can buy the stuff called Army Painter, or you can use Wattyl Walnut Stain and Varnish. If you are as old, contrary, cheap, and resistant to brand-marketing as I am then your choice becomes more clear.

Here are a few comparisons. The last figure is one painted the traditional way with layer after layer of painted highlights and shadows. The second to last has lighter highlights and claws painted on before dipping. The first two were painted block white, then block metallic red or green. All have been matt varnished using Tamiya spray.

All are good enough for the game table – none are worth a Golden Demon. But the dipping technique dropped total time significantly. I can simply get more painting done now. Which means I can get more gaming done.

Next entry will be a step by step sequence of the technique.