This sequence shows the dipping technique from start to finish. The figures are an old set from BattleMasters that have been sitting in the spare parts box for years. As you can see, I have used few colours and have not even been particularly careful in applying them.

Once the acrylic paint was dry (I used GW and Privateer for this job) I grabbed the base with a pair of needle nosed pliers and dipped them in the Wattyl Walnut Stain and Varnish.  I did glue on some basing sand before beginning painting, and I dipped up to the lip of the base to get that as well. Then I gave it a few shakes – I have a large box that I hold my arm in so that it does not go everywhere. Then I used a few facial tissues to pat the surface down to get a really clean surface in some parts. I also made points with the tissue to suck out deep pockets of stain.

Twenty four hours later and the varnish was dry. It was semi-gloss, so I sprayed it with Helmar’s Crystal Kote matt fixative to create a surface the matt varnish could adhere to. Final varnish was with Mr Hobby matt varnish. Even now the figures have a little sheen. I could probably spray a few more coats to bring this down. But I don’t mind it.

All that remains is some basing.