White Snake House is a political entity occupying a geographical region along the future Murray River centred roughly on the former region of Mildura. South of the Murray the [geological history] rising, then falling, course of the river has created a vast area of islands and marshes and is known as the Bay of Thousand Islands. Many different peoples occupy the islands – some advanced and cultured, others barbarous and primitive.

To the north, east and west of the territory controlled by White Snake House are other feudal-clan domains with whom they are in competition. Below them, in the Bay of Thousand Islands, they have many enemies, though few that are organised. The house attempts to subdue pirate activity, impose its own system of taxation and fiscal governance, enforce its own laws and ensure security for travellers and traders who attempt to make their way through the territory to the sea.

The house’s main access to the lucrative, and dangerous, sea is primarily down the Murray – past the site of the ancient ruins of Adelaide – and this zone is controlled by another house. Relations with this other house are primarily friendly, but it remains a strategic weakness. White Snake House continually seeks to mitigate this weakness by attempting to subdue the Bay.

Warfare for the regular military consists of two main duties:

  1. garrison to the east, west and north against the civilised foes in prepared defences such as walls, watch towers and so on
  2. amphibious operations to the south.