gypsy campI have set up a Twitter account for Gustave for the lead up to publication. These passing days will be a blow by blow description of the impersonation of the Count of Nordheide, the mission immediately preceding the book. I hope to get in two postings a day until release date which, at this stage, sounds like it will be mid 2010.

The rationale for this first person narrative is that they are Gustave’s entries in his mental diary first thing in the morning and last thing at night – presumably the only times he has any free thinking time away from the hard study of being a spy and assassin under the control of his abusive father.

This is something of a writing experiment, of course. Can a story be told as it happens in no more than two sentences at a time and still be a story? They make stories out of reality TV, but for every minute of televised footage there is an awful lot of decision-making and editing. Not all footage is shown, and the reality is that most of life is routine. Not every action is imbued with meaning. The act of creating a story arc is the conscious process of not including a whole bunch of irrelevant clues. Can it be done live with no chance to edit? Don’t know. We’ll soon find out, though.

The name of the Twitter account is VanillaAssassin.