Rather than use a map either of my design or ready-made, I am looking for a simpler episodic approach to these new ROAD&D games. All we really need to know is what the predominant terrain is like. What happened to get there is less important. This is because it is unlikely that we will have the opportunity for a long series of connected adventures. Our playing sessions are often separated by long periods of time. So each adventure has to wrap up in a session.

Personally, I don’t mind road trip role-playing: the getting there being just as interesting as the arriving, the trials and tribulations of life in the wild. But I am conscious that Greg hates it, and really it is a waste of the little time we have to play a session where ‘nothing happened’. None of us are students with time to burn any more.

So, here is a stylized map of the Empire Under Heaven. Yes, it is a copy of the map from Titan. Each region is a province of the Empire, showing the predominant terrain. When I design the story, I will roll a dice and move the party using the Titan rules, and then find the environment in which the action will occur. This then informs the way i describe the place, and will suggest some twists and opportunities.

The map uses, in effect, the stylization popularised by railway systems. Distances and proportions are regularised. It is the relationships between entities that are important. Each region is a province of the Empire, and we will discover what they are called as we explore them.