In trying to introduce and keep Mythic elements in this new campaign (retrospectively named Hân to capture the Asian and Hârn elements we favour), I have started with the Thread and NPC list from the first adventure.

I have also made this Theme table, not that I necessarily plan to roll against it and apply the result, but it does help to stimulate my ideas for what categories of event can affect the characters.


  • Players are minor officials in the Imperial government. They have been sent out to tour the Empire. Why?
  • What happened to the trade and population of Parangaricutiro? Where does the trade go now, and what drives the economy? Where did the previous ruling power base go?
  • How did the demon, Yenorra, come into the world, and where has he gone? What powers were involved to create a spontaneous oozing magmatic eruption, and how is it connected to Yenorra?
  • What is the history of the saint, Lohan?
  • What became of Yenorra’s retainers?
  • Who will fill the power vacuum at Parangaricutiro?


  • Headman of Parangaricutiro.
  • Helpful boy of Parangaricutiro.
  • Yenorra, the demon. His corporeal body destroyed.
  • Lohan, the saint. Her shade apparently at rest because Yenorra has been dispelled.
  • Lieutenant of Yenorra, unemployed Samurai.
  • Five former members of Yenorra’s tent-group. Unemployed Bushi.