Having decided that the party traverses a province in a month to get from adventure to adventure, it begs the questions: how long is a month and what season does that make it from adventure to adventure? At least it does to me. I cannot resist such questions. In previous world designs I have developed complex calendars with elaborate mathematical relationships. This time I have gone for simplicity.

Months are 28 days long in a standard Earth 365 day year. This gives 13 months plus one extra day that is the most holy of the year.

There are six days in a week (five fingers plus the finger of the other hand doing the counting).

The first sign of the new moon occurs on the 1st of every month. Full moon is around the 13th, 14th and 15th.

New Year starts on the first day of Spring.

From Oriental Adventures we have the following list of feasts and festivals:


  • New Year’s Festival
  • Feast of Lanterns
  • God of Spring
  • God of Wealth
  • Fertility Festival
  • God of Happiness
  • God of Learning
  • God of the North
  • Goddess of Mercy
  • God of the Central Mound
  • Queen of Heaven
  • Cherry Blossom Festival


  • God of Medicine
  • God of the South
  • Thunder God
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • God of War


  • God of Fire
  • Purification Festival
  • Moon Feast Festival
  • God of Land and Grain
  • Great Sage’s Birthday
  • Wine God
  • Yang Feast
  • Polar Gods
  • God of Wealth


  • God of Disease
  • Kings Festival
  • Midwinter Festival