There are rumblings in the force that we will be playing some Hân soon, so I need to get back into that mode of thinking. Characters have to be made (since we just played with blanks last time to get the feel if this was anything of interest), motivations have to be considered. I need to design the coming adventure though, as usual, I will develop only a plot and story framework and allow ad-libbing moderated by Mythic to do the grunt work.

Kyosai is 6 months farther on from Parangaricutiro. Still coastal, it is classified as Brushland. The model for the geography, fauna and flora will be based on the Californian Chaparral – not because I’ve been there or even have an affinity for it. After all, Australia has stands of this stuff that makes anything in the US look like a garden. However, we have all seen Westerns and not all of us have actually been to the ‘big red centre’, and a good story telling session should be about feelings.

So base your prejudices on the kind of people you will find in Kyosai, and the kinds of problems that they might have, on that model.

These are the instructions I handed out in preparation:

1) We are playing with ‘static’ characters. No XP counting. If we want to progress levels we’ll do it another way. All of your characters are Level 4 (after negotiation with Simon 🙂 )

2) Please use the list of available character classes found here to decide:

3) For the absolute last, definitive word on the rules set, refer here, if you do not already have a copy:

Oriental Adventures describes the details of some characters.

4) Give yourself whatever equipment and material you think fair and appropriate.

5) Greg, I know you are not familiar with AD&D and probably choose not to be. At least decide what character Class you want to be and think about the peripherals. Stats we can work out on the fly.

6) I want to try something to help with characterisation. I want you to think of two short ‘word portraits’ for your characters. These should be pithy little descriptors that describe something important about the character (Simon – like our Important things list in Mythic). It can be personal, emotional, historical, it can even be bits of equipment, but they must be something that gives a feel for the character and gives us something tantalising to incorporate into the story.

For example:

* Sucker for a pretty face

* You’ll never take me alive!

* First man on the scene

* Won’t take no for an answer

* It wasn’t my fault

* Survivor of the Wang Shi riverboat disaster

* Stickler for the facts

* the sword of Kantar Knoll

Once we are together we will lay out all these character ‘Aspects’ and see what connections are suggested between the characters to explain why you are all together. Remember you are definitely all on the same side, officers of some Government agency or other.