I have an urge to tinker, already. Even though I know it is unnecessary I have the urge to add more things to the ROAD&D system. Things like narrative mechanisms. Here’s an example of what I am thinking:

  • Character word portraits are Aspects
  • Aspects are narrative hooks
  • You can evoke something about your Aspect to introduce story elements over and above what the DM is describing
  • You can have Luck (or Fate) tokens, equal in number to your class level, and use these to invoke powers such as the above, or to get a bonus on a roll (say: equal to your level)
  • Luck tokens regenerate on some schedule – but not too quickly
  • DM can inflict the unexpected on the character by pointing to something in their personal Aspect, If they take this on board they can receive a compensatory Luck token to use later.

This is pretty much FATE/ Spirit of the Age/StarBlazer Adventures. I like it. But does it have legs here? I don’t know. I wait to get any feedback from the rest of the crew.

Details, after discussion with Greg:

  1. Start adventure with Luck tokens equal to Level (4)
  2. Insert something into the current action that is in some meaningful way implied by the character’s Aspect(s) – must be approved by the DM as relevant – at a cost of 1 Luck
  3. Get a +5 bonus on any single roll – at a cost of 1 Luck
  4. Receive 1 Luck when the DM invokes something about a character’s Aspect, typically an impediment – player may accept the impediment and role play it out to gain the Luck benefit, or reject the impediment.