Kyosai is a province biome classified in the Imperial Gazetteer as Brushland. It gives way from the coastal flatlands to undulating plains characterised by water preserving plants that lead up to mountainous ranges. There is very little free flowing water due to the efficient plant life, and the land is generally considered to be harsh and of less fertile quality.

The people of Kyosai organise themselves around the family tribe or clan. Simplistically there are lowland and highland Kyosai, who prefer the coastal or mountain regions, respectively. All Kyosai, however, are semi-nomadic, rotating at roughly six month intervals between a number of established ‘city’ sites.

Architecture is impermanent, based around portable and easily constructed natural material such as cured hides and dried brush.

All Kyosai are fiercely family orientated, and are generally considered superior trackers, hunters, horsemen and herders. Kyosai goat and sheep products are valued in the Imperial capital.

Kyosai clans have a leader, variously called the Chief, King (or Queen) or Wise One, amongst others. All tribes are submissive to the King of Kings who is termed the Provincial Governor in the Imperial hierarchy. Competition for society advancement is between the tribes to acquire this status and is intense.

At seasonal intervals, the tribes interact in order to: continue, start or settle vendettas; conduct trade between the lowland and highland crafts; revere the old gods in ceremony and festival; reunite distributed families; and for new alliances to be formed through inter marriage – the last of which puts a cynical tone on the passionate love-affairs that arise during these times.

It is said that a relationship with a Kyosai, either one of love or hate, is a lifetime commitment.