At about this time last year, Greg and I ran the first Ornithopter session, establishing a few basic facts about the setting, and introducing some organisation, location and character information. One of the strongest findings was the shadowy Great Tom, the media magnate who heads up the mega corporation Sky Net News.

Who is Great Tom? From Mythic:

Is Great Tom an artificial intelligence? Emphatic yes. So Great Tom is one of those few ‘young’ higher life forms that still interacts with humanity. Moreover, he is a celebrity in his own right – we know this, I guess, but it’s nice to see the system confirm it.

Does Great Tom have any government influence/contact? Emphatic no (00%!) Great Tom not only does not interact with governments of any stripe, ‘he’ treats them as if they do not exist. Any government legislation or interference in the running of Sky Net News he sweeps aside by whatever means are available to him. He treats his organisation as if it were a national body in and of itself.

Are the interests of Great Tom in some way connected to the interests of the Navigator’s Guild? No. Since the Navigators are a now a separate species, their bodies infused with computronic substances and breathing an atmosphere infused with Glaucus (a further computronic substance), they have a close implied connection to the higher life forms. Great Tom’s lack of connection to these people suggests a disassociation from other artificial intelligences. What does this mean? In the immediate situation, we can say that the discovery of a new Glaucus source is not something that Great Tom himself is likely to want to exploit, except for news purposes, or in order to fuel other plots.

Further questions present themselves, but I am limited to my self imposed rule of only asking three in a row. The rest must be found in play.