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There has been a long pause in this story while I have been bringing other writing and gaming elements forward. I am now starting to think about this story again and I wonder what has brought it back to the surface.

The odd conclusion I am coming to is that it has to do with the weather. Ravenloft is a winter story – the way I am telling it. As the days became longer here I could think of nothing to say. Summer in Australia is about long long days and hot hot temperatures, interspersed with the odd thunderstorm and imperilled with bushfire. Hardly the kind of inspiration I need for a story about snow and ice, and Vampires,  zombies, and loves lost…

But now the threat of fire is receeding, and the mornings are darker. It’s still pleasantly warm, humid even. All the indications are that it will not be a particularly severe winter. Still, I am anticipating that the reduced light and the morning fog will get me thinking black thoughts again.

Now to get the juices flowing. First: I need to reacquaint myself with the characters, and I need to appreciate what important thing has just happened (in the last scene) .

In true Mythic style, I rolled against my tailor made Mythic Focus chart and found ‘Remote Event’.

Next entry: what Remote Event pushes the characters into action?