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I felt the need to cartographise. Here is an update to the geography of the Empire, continuing the policy of making the representation abstract. This time I have included the idea of Judicial Circuits: those regions that are under Imperial Administration and can expect a high ranked Judge and other administrative staff to be active in running the areas.

In a nutshell: each province has its own Governor. This may be an appointee from the capitol, or it may be some local king or warlord. Groups of provinces are joined together in a Judicial Circuit and a Judge is appointed to this next higher level of command. His job is to tour his provinces and act as a ‘High Court’ for any matters of law or policy that cannot be handled at Provincial Government level.

However, not every ‘province’ is a Province of the Empire. Some remain outside of Imperial law for various reasons – which we will find out during play.

So far we have only explored province 01, Parangaricutiro.

From Mythic: is this a province contained within an active Judicial Circuit? Somewhat Likely; 78, No.

This is consistent with our finding in play that no Governor was in place, which was why the demon prince was attempting to achieve some legitimacy. However, after I had rolled I realised the question was ambiguous. What did I mean by ‘active’. I decided that province is a Province – since this is consistent with what we found in play – but that there is something not only wrong with the Provincial Government, but with the Judicial Circuit as well.

Has a Judge been assigned to the Circuit that Parangaricutiro belongs to? Very Likely; 39, Yes.

So there’s a new thread: what is the reason for the Judge of that Circuit being so lax? Why had the region not been visited for so long? Why had he not appointed a Governor?