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Here is the start of some SG (StarGate 1900) teams. The figures are Renegade: a mixture of early and late war.

These will form 4 teams of eight men, two in Feldgrau, and two in a ‘colonial tan’ colour that I mixed myself. The Pickehaub and Stalhelm troops will be separated so that we have uniforms for ‘comfortable’ and ‘hostile’ alien terrains.

This is just the first coat, sprayed on. Next step is to paint the detail of belts, packs, flesh and weapons. Then I will dip them in Wattyl Stain and Varnish, and finally I will come back and give them a few highlights.

Even at this stage, I have to say that I love Renegade. They are chunky, oversized men – something that I have criticised in the past, not least from my friend Nic over at Eureka. But as age creeps up and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be, the large size and deep detail cutting really helps to make these personal figures.

On that last topic, I picked up some Eskimos (SG team for cold alien planets) and Arab Civilians from Eureka on the weekend. They are great figures and I cannot wait to get the brush on them.