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We have another mini-campaign planned for the StarGate 1900 setting. To recap, we use Flying Lead rules by Ganesha Games supplemented by Mutants and Death Ray Guns. Our figures are all 28mm – the scale being fire-team sized skirmish. This time I will be playing the explorers, and Greg will be the defending ‘aliens’. As defender, Greg defined the three game scenarios that makes up the mini campaign. As follows:

Game 1
Civil Authorities (rival explorers) /  attack / few buildings, farm
SG2 have arrived at this apparently isolated bit of farming territory, searching for the underground facility that they have to destroy. 
Game 2
 Civil Authorities (passive civilians) / destroy / Incongrous facility
The SG2 team, having overcome local resistance and a rival party, find the underground laboratory and attempt to destroy it
Game 3
Military (rival explorers)  / avoid / Transport terminus
Having (hopefully) destroyed the laboratory, SG2 are escaping the planet via a terminus, where they encounter not only military, but the rival team encountered in Game 2