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Just bought this set for $10 at a local bargain barn. I have not seen these before, but they look to be copies of the MicroMachines scale and topic.

In comparison to some models already in my collection, they are significantly larger. The bus and small cars are all true N scale from Oxford. The tank is by World Tank Museum (I think). The men are MiniFigs, again called true N scale. The walker is actually GZG and is designed to be 25mm, however I use it as a 10mm walker in the vein of Armoured Trooper VOTOMS: more a one-man vehicle than a worn suit of armour.

Anyway, in isolation the cars look satisfactory. It’s only when you have them side by side with either the Oxford cars or the tank that you see the difference. On the game table you would probably not notice as long as they were not in close proximity.

And having checked eBay, this seems to be a known brand in the UK and US.