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It is the law of this hobby that whenever you find a particular era and scale that you want to build, there will always be a gap in the figure ranges that just drives you nuts. For me, the Thirty Years War (and French Wars of Religion, and 80 Years War, and ECW) has been a long standing fascination. I have attempted to build forces in several scales over the years. Now I have settled at the skirmish scale in 28mm. Call me mad, but it’s settled.

Skirmish games are about individuals. A quick glance around you will draw to your attention that there are lots of people hanging about. A skirmish might take place miles away from civilisation, in the hills or the forests, with only the professionals banging away at each other as they manouevre for position. But it is just as likely – more likely, I reckon – that the action will be taking place in and around villages, if not proper towns. At this scale there can be skirmishes happening right inside buildings – just like our d20 D&D cousins play.

So where are the civilians? There has to be villagers, farmers, butchers, blacksmiths, bar tenders and whores. If I were playing Wild West I would be fine. This era is well provissioned. Some really nice ones come from Foundry. But Renaissance? Not so much luck.

Here are a few sources that I am investigating. Unfortunately at this stage I cannot do a size comparison to see which will fit with which.

Postage from the US is typically ruinous. Blue Moon, for example, charge $USD43.45, regardless of weight or quantity. It’s cheaper to buy from the UK in £. 

Mega Miniatures, operating through eBay, on the other hand, quoted postage of $USD4. I dropped Johnny a line and asked him if this was for seamail or airmail, and he replied that it was airmail as the USPS no longer uses seamail. Four dollars versus 43 with a <10 day turnaround? What a hard choice. 

Now the Blue Moon site claims that it will use the lowest genuine cost and refund the extra. But do I want to trust that? I’m going to give you $43 for a $4 job and hope that the choose to refund me the $39? Even then, the minimum at Blue Moon is $9. Try harder, Blue Moon. I like your range of figures, but your quotes smack of either laziness or contempt for the customer.