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Flashing Steel seems to be on the right track. The rules seem stable and it is now in a formal review cycle. So that is my Thirty Years War skirmish set finished – or at least it is now on the back burner until the editing comments come back. So where to now?

I have had a soft spot for Eureka Miniature’s Revolutionary Wars figures. The simple Revolutionary Wars timeline I built betrays this interest. I have just never done anything about it.

Now may be the time. I see this as a campaign book for Songs of Drums and Shakos rather than a whole new rules set. Specific mention would need to be made of the quality and temperament of the Revolutionary French, and of the staid demenour of their opponents. Also, a Scarlet Pimpernal setting would mean a lot more civilians and ‘pirates’ or irregulars. It will need a good game and campaign generating system, too.

Here are some of the modes to whet my appetite.