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Greg and I played a session last night using Flying Lead. Instead of our normal three game mini campaign, we only played a single leisurely session.

StarGate 1900 seems to be melding into the general heading of Anubis Gates: a setting that could be anywhere along a timeline from 1795 through to far future. SG1900 focuses in on the inter-war pulp period. This has been given somewhat of a boost following the success of the Little Wars 2010 meeting where Jurassic Reich was revealed. The range of figures, including an Anubis Gate due to go into production soon, attracted some good interest. It’s childish and silly, and refreshing to be involved with.

Our game last night involved a French team attacking a German outpost on an alien planet. The flora was hostile, giving off toxic spores – much to Greg’s displeasure later in the game. The Germans were guarding an alien artefact in a fortified compound. After a random selection, I played German and Greg the French who burst through the gate in two light trucks.

The initiative stayed strongly with the French as they roared into the base. The second truck was damaged by a grenade but managed to restart and as the French team dismantled and collected the vital parts (a Difficult Q check – using Flashing Steel rules), it appeared that the game was all but over.

But after a long string of disappointing rolls, the German defenders calmed down and made a series of brilliant long range aimed shots, shooting the driver of one truck, and then the next as his body was kicked out of the way. One French survivor fled through the gate, and the two trucks, surrounded by French bodies, revved futilely. – A piece of purple description, I know, but I beat Greg so seldom that I am chuffed.

As a post-script, Greg has just telephoned to tell me that we did not use the correct ranged results table. Implication: I did not win at all…