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Once a movie property has run its initial course, the toys end up in bargain basement stores. What can be $50 when it first comes out can be $10 or less six months later. The following come from Monsters versus Aliens, and also Astroboy (the floating eyes). Both had cute eyes, so I immediately saw the potential for a consistent theme army. I see these matching well with classic ‘Grey’ aliens – bug-eyed little devils that want our women. The big robot was around $5, I think. The little guys were $2.

All have been repainted. I am particularly proud of the eyes.

The mole comes from GI Joe. It’s just great for VSF, or any classic pulp themed game. I forget his price but it was less than $10.

This has been repainted as well, as the original had a clear canopy so you could see the (90mm) figure – no use to me. But at 28mm it looks like an impressive mole. It would fit Thunderbirds as well.

Less exciting, from a discovery point of view, is the Star Wars escape pod from DeAgostini. It is what it is. There was nothing else that I needed to do. But it is a perfectly scaled model of an escape pod, as the AT-43 guys show.

In the background are two aquarium decorations that I picked up as well. These were $20 each, which is still pretty cheap for war-game terrain. And they look just fine. As Second Son declared, ‘you could hide behind the columns, you could shoot between them. You could use your rocket pack and get on top. These are SO cool.’