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Played a SWCMG with second son last night. The difference was that this time I persuaded him to use the turn sequencing mechanism from Song of Blades and Heroes. No more ‘two of yours move, then two of mine, then your next two move’, and so on. We used the one to three d6 roll, making everyone Q4 for simplicity. Everything else was vanilla d20 SWCMG, though I had to interpret a few of the Specials – but having done that already it was no drama.

Within a couple of turns he declared it a much better system. Now he had control of what troops to move and when, flavoured with the thrill of the irregular turnover. Enough luck to thrill the gambler, enough control to satisfy the player.

He still thrashed me, little swine. But at least I felt as if I was playing a game, rather than watching a game that could play itself.

He is still addicted to Hit Points; no matter how much it can make no sense that a character can be shot in the chest over and over again and it have only an incremental deletive effect, I expect I’ll be stuck with d20. But still, slowly but surely I will erode the system and replace the pieces with Songs until it becomes a playable tactical game.