Tekumel Songs

Played a game last night using vanilla Song of Blades and Heroes. Greg wanted to show off his new piece of Ziterdes terrain, so naturally it was the centre piece. The figures were all Eureka, from the Tekumel range and also classic fantasy Greece – Amazons and Satyrs.

We played a two part mini-campaign. At a remote temple, a priestess had been conducting pagan ceremonies. The central government wanted this stopped and her returned to the capital for trial. In the first scenario, the snake molesting priestess was conducting her foul rites along with a few of her repulsive hand-maidens (actually, they looked pretty sweet). Guardsmen attacked from two sides: one group up the central boulevard, the second through the back streets of the city. Protecting her, Amazons, alerted to the abduction, sprang from the encroaching forest.

This battle had a classic feel of charging up steps while being picked off by vengeful sylvan archers. However, after a bloody climb, the guardsmen did manage to carve their way through the protectors and grab the priestess. First game to me.

In the second scenario, the guardsmen, now reinforced, were resting at an inn in some out of the way village. One squad was inside, the other out patrolling. The amazons quickly reached the walls and climbed, but a single well placed bow shot felled the leader and the rest fled. This set back upset the attack, even though they rallied the tried again. The second group of pagans tried the main door, but were similarly repulsed. The guardsmen suffered no losses.

Two nil to me, another success for Songs, fine terrain and beautifully sculpted and painted figures (thanks Nic and Kosta at Eureka).


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